Google Algorithm: Why It’s Complicated and How to Use It

Apr 14, 2014

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Google Algorithm

Let’s be honest: the Google Algorithm is a maze for most people. Even sites that are developed to try and explain it (like this one) fail pretty miserably at explaining the Google Algorithm to everyday folk.

The Google Algorithm is complicated because it’s a math-based system which was written by highly talented tech developers. So if you’re no good at math, or if you don’t have the vocabulary of a tech developer, you will have a hard time understanding the Google Algorithm—plain and simple. But don’t feel bad because most people are in that same boat.

So when it comes to figuring out how to make sense of the Google Algorithm, you really only have two choices.

Your first choice is to learn all the materials. Start with vocabulary so you can figure out what’s actually being said. The next step might be learning how to navigate all the Google Algorithm’s information for your specific website. Then you would need to learn how to read the data that Google gathers about your website. All in a day’s work? Probably not.

Your other option is to use a software, like Method, to guide you through the Google Algorithm so you can quickly begin using the data in your marketing campaigns. The reason Method is so attractive to business owners and their marketing teams is that Method simplifies and makes the Google Algorithm accessible for everyone. Don’t understand math? No problem. Don’t have a great technological vocabulary? Also, not a problem. Method will teach you, in the simplest of ways, how to use the data from the Google Algorithm to reshape your marketing strategies.

The choice is up to you—but in the meantime, Method will continue to put valuable data into a simple language that everyone can access.

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