5 tips to Keep Social Media Interesting

Jun 30, 2016

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If you’re like most people, you love it when people like your posts and follow you on twitter. It can be a huge boon to leverage an online audience, shifting them slowly into customers of your product or service. While you can easily see audiences with facebook insights and other analytics tools, the big question that most people face is: how do I get people to pay attention to me on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform? The answer is simple, make the content interesting. While this is easier said than done, the plain and simple truth is, you can’t control what people think, nor should you try. Outlined here, are some of the best steps to take in order to appeal to a wider audience and help you to create new and interesting content each week for social media.

Cute cat with big eyes wants a hug


1.Add Visuals. Perhaps the most important rule, people are more likely to view content that has some kind of visual aspect, than a block of text. Visuals can vary from the interesting to the bizarre, so choose them wisely. You want people to click on your link, you don’t want them to be mentally disturbed after doing so (unless you are a psychologist, then they might think about visiting you that much more often).

2. Identify your audience.
Whether you sell a product or service, it is best to do a little bit of legwork and understand who it is that are most likely to become your clients, and find their age, interests, and expectations if possible. Identifying these key factors can lead to more targeted ads, and better social media posts that are custom-tailored for your audience.

3. Provide a service, don’t sell a product.
People get turned off when they think that you are trying to sell them something. While it never hurts to have a call to action, that action may determine whether people unlike or unsub from your news feed or facebook page. It can really be a balancing act, determining what people are comfortable seeing. Are your posts popping up too frequently? Do you flood your page or web page with ads? Are you always trying to sell, sell, sell? Eventually people can find this behavior annoying and simply “tune it out or turn it off.” It is good to get sales, but try and do it organically. Provide a service that people enjoy and leave the possibility open to grab those sales later after creating a good relationship with the customer or group of customers.

4. Try different kinds of posts. While funny cat posts are a great way to get noticed, they might not be the best way to market to your audience. You should mix up your posts between funny, informational, and soft sells, ensuring that the audience gets a good mix of information means that you are likely to get a wider audience. People tend to forgive the occasional soft sell if they are able to get their weekly or daily dose of cute/funny/informational posts. Keeping the content interesting and varied means that you are more likely to keep people around. Note: This only applies to businesses who are not in the business of a specific niche of content providers for example, if you sell video games, most of your content should probably be about video games, the hobby that your audience enjoys. At the same time, the concept of mixing up funny, informational, and cute can still apply.

5. Don’t overpost. While some companies can get away with posting several times per day, most can’t. It’s the simple truth that people can find it overbearing if you are flooding their inbox or their news feed. Many unsubscribe simply to clear things up so they can pay attention to some of the lesser seen content. Finding a good balance of when to post is a key factor toward keeping your social media interesting. Finally, keep your posts short, sweet, and to the point. And don’t forget to ask questions for shareability!

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