5 Reasons your Marketing Campaign Failed

Apr 8, 2016

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So you planned, prepared and executed your marketing campaign… and it tanked. What happened? You thought that you had planned everything perfectly and it was going to be a home run. Here are 5 reasons your campaign failed.

Targeted wrong audience – This may be the biggest reason that your campaign fails. You can have the perfect plan with amazing goals and strategies. But if you are selling pop music and targeting cowboys, you might have a problem. Get your audience narrowed down to optimize the success of your marketing.

Wrong place or time – Sometimes you are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Something that would have worked one year from now may be terrible now. There are times where you just struck out because of when you put on the campaign. Do your research before hand. Make sure that you remove all the variables that you can. But even when you do, sometimes you just have bad luck.

Unrealistic or immeasurable goals – To have a successful campaign you need goals and objectives that are measurable and time-bound. Don’t go crazy however. Push yourself and make the goals difficult to achieve but don’t overreach.

Misunderstanding of your customer – Know what your customer wants. Don’t make the huge mistake of thinking you know what they want then having them shut you down with them going somewhere else. Again, research and know exactly what is in demand with case studies, focus groups and surveys. It may take more time and money but it will pay dividends in the end.

Just being a copycat – Following the current trends in your industry is important but don’t just copy and paste what your competitors are doing. Be unique. Be different. Do something that is going to make your company stand out from the rest of the field. That will help to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are using Setrics to evaluate how well your campaign is working on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by using their easy-to-ready analytics of your big data. You already did all the hard work with putting together and executing the campaign. Don’t stress out about the numbers, Setrics will make it simple to track and understand.

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