How To Ask The Right Marketing Questions

Jul 20, 2014

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ask the right marketing questions

Why Marketing Questions?

Marketing is nebulous. With increases in technology key audiences are more difficult than ever to reach and motivate to buy. Before planning your next marketing campaign try to ask key marketing questions. Asking questions in marketing gives you more direction and allows for the best ideas to be flushed out of the creative/brainstorming process, maximizing the likelihood of campaign success.

Ask ‘Who’

Firstly, ask the ‘who’ related questions. Who are you trying to reach? Who influences your key audiences? Identifying ‘who’ is an important first step, because it informs how you will treat messaging and how you present your product or service. As a marketer, I speak to women very differently than I speak to men. Likewise, I will present a product to baby boomers very differently than I would to millennials and teenagers.

Ask ‘What’

Second are the ‘what’ questions. What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign? Do you want to simply increase sales? What do you want your audience to do? Many marketing campaigns become disillusioned at this stage of planning. Really hone in on what your goal is, then plan your campaign accordingly.

Ask ‘Where’

Third are the ‘where’ questions. Where will the product be most successful? Where are my key buyers looking for their products? Identify key channels and tendencies, and that’s what you will target in the execution part of your campaign.

Ask ‘When’

Fourth are the ‘when’ questions. Timing is everything in marketing. From the t.v. spots you are buying to the day you launch your campaign, timing needs to be deliberate and it needs to be strategic. Do your research and decide what time frame best serves your campaign goals and the audiences you are trying to reach.

Ask ‘Why’

Last, and most important, is the ‘why.’ Why are you reaching out to ‘x’ audience? Why are you presenting your product in this way? Asking ‘why’ keeps you in check and causes you to identify your underlying motivations. ‘Why’ questions are the most difficult questions to answer. Too often businesses don’t know why they are doing certain things in their marketing. They just do what feels good, and the lack in strategy shows once the campaign is executed.

Remember to ask the right marketing questions for your business and your efforts will be much more focused and successful. Here at Marketing Method we ask the right questions to grow your business. How do you think these questions can help you reach your business goals?

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