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The Great Divide

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Anyone who isn’t living under a rock these days can see that businesses know how to target you. If, for instance, you search Google for a watch to buy for your brother’s birthday, the next thing you know there will be ads for watches on your Facebook, amazon account, and random websites you visit.

So why is this information valuable? Business have to make informed decisions if they want to make money. They need to know who their customers are,

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Making your own Marketing Plan

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Making your own marketing plan might seem like a really hard task, especially if you don’t even know where to start. Before writing anything or getting overwhelmed, just remember this is a process of logic. You will have to ask yourself questions after each step which will lead you to the next stage of the process.

What data or information do we have?
Where are we (based on the data)?
What do we want?
What do we have to do?
Are we right?


These are examples

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