Marketers- How to plug “Big Data” into Closed Loop Marketing

Apr 6, 2015

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What is big data? And how does it affect Website Marketing?

I’m sure you have heard the terms “big data” and “website analytics.” These two phrases have the masses chanting BIG DATA over and over again. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone walk by with a “big data” tattoo stamped on their bicep. What’s the big deal? Why are thousands of companies talking about web analytics? The answers are more simple than you’d expect. After years of development, the online marketing world has cured many headaches in business by tracking big data and using analytics to hone in on key audiences and adapt their marketing strategies in response to the analytical results. The phrase “closed loop marketing” is directly correlated with all the hype, it just plugs all the screaming fans of big data into a simple strategy that can change your company forever.

Plug Marketing Analytics into your closed loop marketing

Closed loop marketing can be looked at as a three step pattern. We start with the analytics. A marketing analytics dashboard like SETRICS can interpret the history and trends of your key audiences to give you a good look at who, where, and how you should market.

Second, you let the marketing team run wild. While using the information from the big data, effective strategies are put into place to single out the perfect customer and present him/her with digital, social, or print marketing. These interactions, known as conversions, turn into great leads and sent on to… thats right, the sales team.

The sales team takes these golden, precious leads and converts the interested potential into a valued customer. After some time, more data is developing as we start to see what type of potential customer turns into a sales success, and what marketing content was the most effective. The data is collected by your analytics platform and spits out liquid gold information that will help you decide who, where, when, what and how you should market in the near future. Gone are the days of wondering if you are sending the right message. Gone are the days wondering what types of people you should be marketing to. Plug big data into your closed loop marketing and we might hear the masses chanting your companies name instead of “big data.”

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