Case Study of Marketing Genius: Old Spice

Jul 5, 2014

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case study of marketing genius

Get Creative

There are moments in marketing history when a campaign will just blow everything else out of the water. We are never short of content when it comes to marketing and advertising. The average person witnesses dozens of advertisements in a single day just in the process of checking his/her email and social media feeds. So, when that iconic campaign does come along it is a breath of fresh air and gives us a renewed belief in the creative minds at work today.

The Campaign That Stood Out

In recent memory that campaign came from our friends at Old Spice, a hygiene and body products company. Four short years ago Old Spice was losing market share in the body wash category and was set to lose more grip to Dove with its launch of men’s body wash products at the super bowl. This was Old Spice’s dilemma: how to move the needle and create ‘buzz’ around its products while a competitor massively launched a competing product.

What Old Spice Did

Old Spice took the challenge into stride. What did Old Spice do? Old Spice got creative. In 2010 the video spot The Man Your Man Could Smell Like was placed on YouTube and shortly thereafter aired on television and online. The spot was funny, fresh, and most importantly, creative. The video was wildly successful and soon became a media darling and cultural sensation. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like accumulated millions of views online and prompted millions more media impressions. Old Spice got the buzz it was looking for.

What Can We Learn?

So, what can we learn from Old Spice? We learn that there is always opportunity to execute creativity. In today’s marketing scene companies are getting more and more creative to engage millennial buyers that demand quality entertainment. If you can follow Old Spice and create a new connection with consumers, your marketing will be much more successful.

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